Children's Mukluks

 Infant Mukluks made in Canada  baby mukluks

Children's Mukluks come in Grey, Pink and Tan. These Mukluks Are made in Canada and Are hand Beaded. They Are made With Genuine Canadian Suede and Rabbit Fur. The Gum sole adds comfort and absorbs the shock with each step you take. Beading Colour May vary.
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  • bead colour: Varies
  • colour: your choice of Grey,Pink or Tan
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • insole: Sheepskin
  • sole: Gum
  • material: Genuine Canadian Suede and Rabbit Fur
  • lining: Fleece
  • decorative design: Handbeaded glass beads
  • bead pattern: Varies
  • laces: Nylon laces
Children's Mukluks
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