Men's Black Leather Moccasins With Leather Ski Sole

Mens black moccasins leather black moccasin with ski sole


Mens black leather moccasins with ski sole. These mens black leather moccasins are made from genuine Canadian black leather and handsewn with care and attention to detail. The double padded sole adds additional comfort for those hardwood and tiled floors. The lace's are made from leather and can be used to adjust the fit of the moccasin. These mens black leather moccasins fit true to size.

For example: shoe size is Mens 10 then order moccasin size 10. If shoe size is 10 1/2 order up half size to moccasin size 11. The moccasins will fit snug and stretch to fit.

Please allow 2 weeks production time.
  • colour: Black
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • sole: Ski
  • material: Leather
  • collar: Leather
  • laces: Leather
Men's black leather moccasins with double padded ski sole
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  • Item #: 11563MENSMOCCASINS
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