Mens Tan Suede Moccasins With Fleece Lining

Mens Tan Suede moccasins with fleece lining

Mens Traditional Tan Leather Moccasins are hand made with a double padded suede sole and fleece lining. When wearing them around the home your feet will never tire and always feel comfortable and dry. To make sure a proper moccasin fit our moccasins come in whole sizes only. Men should order their true size. If you wear a half size, order the next whole size up. Example: Size 10 order size 10 - Size 10 1/2 order size 11

  • colour: Tan
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • insole: Fleece
  • sole: Padded Suede
  • material: Suede
  • lining: Fleece
  • decorative design: None
  • collar: Suede
  • laces: Suede
Mens Tan Leather Moccasins by Bastien Hiwatha First Nations Moccasins
  • Item #: 142BMensMoccasins
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