Womens Dark Tan Suede Papoose Moccasins


womens dark tan suede papoose moccasinsWomens dark tan suede papoose moccasins are an original Native style with a comfortable suede sole. This papoose moccasin is beautifully hand sewn and crafted from the finest select Canadian suede. The padded insole will keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long. The traditional suede sole increases durablitiy and does not mark your harwood floor making these the ideal moccasins for indoor wear all year long.

  • colour: Dark Tan
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • insole: Padded
  • sole: Suede
  • material: Suede
  • lining: Suede
  • decorative design: Hand beaded with glass beads
  • collar: Fringe
  • laces: Suede
Womens Moccasins Dark Tan Suede Papoose Moccasins with Suede Sole made in Canada.
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