Authentic Cherokee Necklace

 Cherokee necklaces for sale

All of the Chokers are designed and hand crafted by Ravnheart a
Cherokee Native American. Each one is hand crafted with care and pride.

Only the finest of bone and horn Hair pipe, bone or leather spacers,
brass, nickel, crow glass, trade or gemstone beads are used, as well as
sinew and hand cut and punched leather strapping, end pieces and
spacers. NO plastic components are used!

Each pendant has a different meaning. Please keep in mind that meanings
vary greatly between tribes and this list is simply an overview of
animal and symbol imagery.

"Arrowhead"-Arrowhead is thought to represent the hunter and also
symbolizes the adventurer in each of us.

"Feather"-The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power,
freedom and many more things.

"Bear" -Bears are quiet, swift and very protective of their family. Bear
people are cautious, independent and hardworking. They adapt well to new
situations and value tradition over technology.

"Eagle" - The eagle can see extraordinarily well, is very strong willed,
and graceful. Eagle people are great observers, have great intuition and
creativity. They try to bring things together and better them through
creative actions.

"Wolf"-The wolf is graceful, has initiative, and loves freedom. Wolf
people are generally very trusting, and generous with deep feelings
towards their loved ones. Their ultimate goal is to find and keep love
in their life.

"Crow or Raven"-The raven is intelligent, cleaver and mystical. Raven
people are peace loving, idealistic and charming. They long for harmony
in the community and must stay away from uncertainty and inconsistency.

  • artist: RavnHeart
  • bead colour: 6mm Brass Bead's
  • colour: Bone
  • length: 14" excluding ties
  • origin: USA
  • pendant: Bone Arrow Tip
  • spacers: Bone
  • tie: 2 leather tie's 9" in length each
  • material: Bone, Sinew, Brass, and Leather
  • decorative design: Four row's of Brass bead's and Bone
Authentic Cherokee Necklace
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