Childrens moccasins natural moosehide beaded

Childrens Moccasins made of moosehide

These childrens moosehide moccasins are great for both indoor and outdoor wear. These childrens moccasins are aboriginal hand made in Canada by Huron Indians. The soft moccasin sole will not mark up floors and adds additional comfort and support for outdoor activities. The Moccasins vamp features a decorative hand sewn glass beaded pattern. The moccasins bead colours vary from moccasin to moccasin. Kids will outgrow these moccasins before they are worn out making them great value. Childrens moccasin sizes are 7 to 10 and baby moccasins sizes are 2 - 6. Check out our Junior moccasins category for larger sizes.


  • colour: Moose tan
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • sole: Rubber
  • material: Mooeshide
  • lining: Moosehide
  • decorative design: Hand beaded
  • collar: Moosehide
  • laces: Nylon laces
Kids moosehide moccasins with sole
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