Kids Reversed Sheepskin Slippers

Kids Slide On Suede Sheepskin Slippers

You and your little ones will love our sheepskin and suede slippers for children. They are warm, durable and stay very well on small feet. Great family hand-me-downs. Our kids’ sheepskin slippers made with reversed sheepskin and colorful suede are kids’ favorites. They are easy to step into. Adorable and exclusive. Choose from 10 colours in the options menu below! 

These kids sheepskin slippers are made here in Canada with Sheepskin and a fine suede finish. They include a cushioned removable insole and ultra-durable suede sole.
Whatever kids style slippers you are choosing you will be back for more! 

Kids sheepskin slippers provide comfort and many health benefits. Kids Sheepskin slippers have been a favorite for centuries not just because of their softness, but also because they have numerous benefits. For centuries, sheepskin has been used for medical purposes. That is why sheepskin slippers are great for your children's health; they can help with circulation problems, skin problems and even diabetes. Sheepskin slippers are an ideal way of keeping your children's feet dry and cozy during the winter and summer. With so many benefits, sheepskin slippers make a great gift for every occasion.
*Sheepskin slippers actual color may vary slightly from picture shown.

4 4 19 4 1/2 (inches) 11,4 (cm)
6 6 21.5 5        (inches) 13,1 (cm)
8 8 24 5 3/4 (inches) 14,5 (cm)
10 10 26.5 6 1/2 (inches) 16,5 (cm)
12 12 29 7        (inches) 17,7 (cm)
1 1 31.5 7 3/4 (inches) 19,9 (cm)
3 3 34 8 1/4 (inches) 21,6 (cm)
Sheepskin slippers and booties for Kids and children
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