Ladies Black Concho Moccasin Boot With Beads

~ Tecumseh Canada ~

~ Black Leather Beaded Concho Moccasin Boot ~

black concho moccasin boots


The Tecumseh Canada black concho moccasin boots are made in Canada with genuine Canadian leather. The moccasin boot Vamp is decorated with a hand sewn glass beaded pattern as shown in the photo. This moccasin boot is made for outdoor wear. The moccasins collar features a decorative Indian braid. The traditional black Indian gum sole ads comfort and absorbs shock with each step. These moccasin boots cover just above the ankle and are of a traditional American Indian design.

  • colour: Black
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • manufacturer: Eugene cloutier/Laurentien Chief
  • sole: Black Gum Sole
  • material: Genuine Canadian Leather
  • decorative design: Indian Braid, Fringe, & Hand Sewn Glass Bead Pattern on Vamp as shown in Photo
  • laces: Genuine Canadian Leather
Ladies Black Concho Moccasin Boot ankle with Hand Sewn Glass Bead Pattern.
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