Manitobah Mukluks Charcoal Suede With Mukluk Gum Sole

Manitobah mukluks are made with genuine suede and rabbit fur. The sole is made with traditional gum sole. The entire mukluk footbed is lined with 100% sheepskin.


Mukluks keep your feet warm in winter, cool in summer!

Mukluks breathes naturally.

Environmentally safe.


Caring for your Manitobah Mukluks

Protection: Use a silicone based leather/suede protector. Do not spray the fur, as it contains natural protective oiils.

To Clean Mukluks: Leather can be cleaned using leather conditioner and soft brush.

To Dry Mukluks: Once wet allow your Mukluks to dry naturally.

Wear: Never pull fur when putting on or removing mukluks. Cross laces over before tightening mukluks to avoid tearing leather eye holes.


How to custom fit your Manitobah Mukluks Crepe Sole

Crepe is a natural material that forms to the shape of your foot. Over time, a crepe sole will feel part of you. To encourage the rubber to form faster, follow these steps.

1. Heat soles with a blow-dryer until soft and flexible (approx 10 minutes).

2. Wear your mukluks as the crepe sole cools.


  • colour: Charcoal
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • insole: Sheepskin
  • sole: Gum sole
  • material: Suede and Rabbit fur
  • decorative design: Hand sewn beaded pattern on upper and vamp. Colour of bead and pattern Vary!
  • laces: Two rabbit fur poms per boot
  • fibre content upper: Fleece
Manitobah mukluks, Tall mukluk, Rabbit Fur, Fur Boot
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