Natural Brown Beaver Fur Mittens With Brown Leather

Mens & Womens Beaver Mittens in Natural Brown Fur

Natural Brown Beaver Fur Mittens men and women

These are Canada's finest brown beaver fur mittens. The Natural oils from the brown beaver fur keep the moisture from penetrating the leather forming a tight waterproof barrier trapping the heat in and sub zero temperatures out. Only the highest grade Canadian natural beaver furs are used in making these brown beaver mittens. These beaver fur mittens are made in Canada. They are also available in black beaver fur. So why delay and buy your beaver fur mittens today! These beaver fur mittens are for both women and men and fit true to size.


  • colour: Natural brown beaver
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • cuff: Beaver fur and brown leather
  • sizing: Fits true to size
  • material: Genuine Canadian leather and Canadian beaver fur
  • decorative design: Full brown beaver fur on backhand
Fur beaver Mittens in natural brown leather for men and womens
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