Womens Fire Red Leather Sheepskin Slippers

Lazy Bones Fire Red leather Sheepskin Slippers

These Low-cut classic sheepskin slippers for adults are going to keep your feet warm and dry during the winter and cool and dry during the summer.
They are made here in Canada with Sheepskin and a fine leather finish. They include a cushioned removable insole and ultra-durable suede sole.
Do you want to wear them outdoors ? Add an optional EVA outsole for $25.00
Whatever adult style slippers you are choosing, you may want to add comfort and durability by adding an extra light rubber outsole to the bottom of your slippers. This EVA outsole will allow you to walk outside with your slippers, in the garage or in the basement. It also brings more support to your feet. It is a very good investment, especially if you are opting for any of the closed-back styles as you will be able to replace the sheepskin insole when it wears out.  

Please consider that the EVA outsole will make your slippers feel a little more snug at first. Your slippers will mold to your feet after a week or two.
Sheepskin slippers provide comfort and many health benefits. Sheepskin slippers have been a favorite for centuries not just because of their softness, but also because they have numerous benefits. For centuries, sheepskin has been used for medical purposes. That is why sheepskin slippers are great for your health; they can help with circulation problems, skin problems and even diabetes. Sheepskin slippers are an ideal way of keeping your feet dry and cozy during the winter and summer. With so many benefits, sheepskin slippers make a great gift for every occasion.
*Sheepskin slippers actual color may vary slightly from picture shown.
Fire Red leather and sheepskin slippers for women and men
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