Womens Nakoda Fur Boots White Mukluks

Womens Mukluks Nakoda Boots

Womens Nakoda White Leather Mukluks

Luxury Lace up fur White Mukluk boots for women. Welcome to the hottest lace up boot we have this season. The Nakoda mukluks are a hot seller this season. If you are in the market for a new luxury, casual or ski apres boot you will be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and warm Nakoda mukluk boots are. Made with genuine Canadian leather, lined with merino wool and luxurious rabbit fur outer, these lace up boots will withstand extreme cold temperatures. The Nakoda mukuks are available in different colour options. The Nakoda white mukluk boots are featured in this photo.

  • bead colour: Turquoise
  • colour: White leather, white fur
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • height: 16-17 inches
  • insole: Merino wool
  • sole: Traditional cream gum sole
  • material: Genuine Canadian suede and plush rabbit fur
  • type of fur: Rabbit
  • lining: Merino Wool
  • decorative design: Hand sewn glass beaded design
  • collar: Leather
  • bead pattern: Star Burst on upper outside
  • laces: Nylon laces
  • fibre content upper: Merino wool
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