Women's double padded moosehide moccasins eagle

Life Spirit Moccasins Hummingbird Moccasins

Spirit moccasins are beautifully designed life crest moccasins. The Style SM489WEAGLE is one of 4 styles we are carrying right now. The style SM489WEAGLE is made with Genuine Canadian moose hide. It features a double padded ski sole. This is an all moose hide leather moccasin that is great for indoor wear on hard surfaced floors such as tile and hardwood. The moccasin vamp features the Eagle art of Bill Helin, a Canadian artist and member of the Tsimshian tribe of Pacific North West, British Columbia.  


Women's 489 Hummingbird Spirit Moccasins

 Spirit Moccasins are Aboriginal designed, Aboriginal made and an Aboriginal product of Canada. We know you will be very satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship that is put into your Spirit Moccasins. Spirit moccasins only uses select natural Canadian hides, furs, and combines them with knowledge passed down from generation to generation to create a timeless authentic pair of moccasins you will cherish.


Rear view of the Spirit Moccasins style SS489HB

Spirit Moccasins represent the Northwest Coast culture, the customs, beliefs, and the history that was passed down orally through the stories, songs, and dances. The Northwest Coast culture had stories about why certain things occurred, such as the changes in season. They also had stories about each group and how they first appeared in this world. All of these stories were passed down to subsequent generations. They believed that they were surrounded, at all times, by supernatural beings interfering with the natural world. In their culture, spirits were connected to all living things. The only link between the spirit world and the natural world was the ‘Shamans’ or ‘Medicine Men’.


Womens Spirit Moccasins with Humming bird vamp

Featured above is the Eagle Life Crest.

Eagle - The Eagle is a symbol of power and prestige while his 'down' symbolizes peace and friendship. He is highly respected by all who share his environment. The Eagle is given by females to males, for it can represent the peace and security she feels having him in her life. The friendship that they share, the protection she feels, and how proud she feels that he is her man. Men will give an Eagle to her for she is, to quote a popular song, "the wind beneath his wings".

  • artist: Bill Helin
  • colour: Cream
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • manufacturer: Spirit Moccasins
  • origin: Canada
  • sole: Genuine Canadian wild moosehide
  • material: Genuine Canadian wild moosehide
  • lining: Genuine Canadian wild moosehide
  • decorative design: Eagle life crest by Bill Helin
  • collar: Genuine Canadian wild moosehide
  • laces: Genuine Canadian wild moosehide
Eagle Spirit Moccasins designed by Bill Helin SS489WEAGLE
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